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Created by GridAKL, Hatchbox is adaptive and creative in working openly and collaboratively to tackle collective problems and challenges for the good of all Aucklanders and New Zealanders. Hatchbox is a place where, working collaboratively, we can make positive systemic and exponential change to these problems and challenges. It is a place that invites all Aucklanders and New Zealanders to come in, take a seat (actually, in Hatchbox you’ll need to build the seat first) and play a part in doing this through inspired innovation and creativity.

Marissa Brindley

Manager Innovation Precincts

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Catriona Stewart

GridAKL Community & Services Relationships Manager

Catriona is a relationship builder and helps Hatchbox tell its story to create an innovation community across the city and beyond. Drawing upon her many years as a senior marketing and communications professional and brand builder, Catriona has worked on some of New Zealand's most iconic brands both nationally and internationally. Catriona is passionate about people and how together we can develop innovative solutions that will positively impact our global communities.

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Matt Montgomery

Head of Innovation at Auckland Council, Co-lead for Innovate Auckland

As a co-lead for Innovate Auckland and a major partner at Hatchbox, Matt identifies and submits challenges for action at Hatchbox. He has extensive experience from the UK, working on developing innovative cultures and using technology solutions to solve complex problems with a focus on sustainability and engineering.

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Devon Hana

Innovate Auckland Graduate

Devon joins Hatchbox as an Innovate Auckland Graduate. With a Masters in Development Studies – with a focus on disaster intervention and humanitarian response – she brings her research and applied experience of working in community development projects, undertaken in NZ, Fiji and Nepal.

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Hatchbox is all about collaboration and we work in partnership with a number of organisations to deliver key aspects of our programmes and activities.

Innovate Auckland is a collaborative platform for Auckland Council and the CCO family to work together to identify collective challenges that affect Auckland. They collaborate with businesses and communities to develop ideas and solutions to these challenges.

Hatchbox supports Innovate Auckland by providing facilitated support and guidance.